An Environment for Computational Modeling and Simulation of Pavements

Francisco Evangelista-Jr, Jorge Barbosa Soares, Edson Ricardo de Andrade Silva, Creto Augusto Vidal, Joaquim Bento Cavalcante-Neto


This work presents the development of a graphical environment for pavement modeling and simulation. The system is a pre and a post-processor which can be used with different programs based on the finite element method. In the used approach, the 3D model is obtained from a 2D cross section using a sweeping technique. The graphical capabilities of the environment allow manipulation and visualization of the model: zooms, pans, camera, illumination and visualization of selected elements. The simulation is performed integrating the system with finite element programs. It is shown an example wherein two distinct computational programs for finite element analysis are used to compare a linear elastic analysis with a nonlinear elastic one by using the post-processor for a better understanding of the mechanical behavior of the layered system.


Computer Graphics; Pavements; Simulation

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